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Feniex Industries changes lives by manufacturing innovative, American-made products for the world's toughest jobs.

Nothing beats creating life-saving technology. Feniex Industries designs, engineers, and manufactures American-made emergency vehicle products deep in the heart of Austin, Texas. Founded in 2010, Feniex has become the fastest growing company in the industry through our unique combination of innovation and affordability. They believe there’s no one more deserving of the best products and the best technology than first responders. They are the purpose behind their progress!


The invention of the lightbulb changed everything. It changed how we live, work, and create. Most people take that for granted, but not us and not the people who use Feniex products. Whether you're an officer who spots a drunk driver or a construction crew working through the night, Feniex will be there.


Feniex is shaping history: every day they create and manufacture technology that saves lives. From their engineering lab to their manufacturing floor to their test chambers, innovation is in everything they do.

Feniex holds 13 patents (and counting!).


First responders need quality, reliable products that can withstand any environment, at a cost any department can afford. From the beginning, Feniex has focused on offering the very best solution at the very best price. They test all their products in real-world environments as well as industry-standard testing facilities. Then, they back them up with the industry’s best service and our manufacturer's warranty.

The Feniex Fusion-S is the next evolution of the Fusion series. It is the world’s brightest and most competitively priced emergency warning line. User configurable in red, blue, amber, white, and green, the Fusion-S offers the user a new and improved 40-degree optic that is 60% brighter than the previous Fusion family. No lighting line can compare to the brightness and light performance of the Fusion-S series.

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Scene Lights

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Custom Brackets

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