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Designing Solutions to Help You Build Better, Build Faster

All Fleet Solutions offers more than a generic prep package or fuse panel. Their products support a wide array of installation techniques and an even wider array of equipment. All Fleet Solutions team can assist in selecting the right power distribution, harness, and options for your installation to build a solution tailored to your fleet.

Build Faster – All Fleet Solutions

Every Make, Every Model – one standard for your fleet, tailored to your needs – this is the All Fleet Solutions difference. All Fleet Solutions utilizes the highest quality raw materials, demanding standards, and process controls to ensure our products offer a “first-time-right” and long-term performance rating. The breadth of All Fleet Solutions product offerings allows a fleet to have consistency for utility vehicles, police vehicles, and every emergency, support, administrative, or vocational vehicle in your fleet.

Build Faster – All Fleet Solutions

Constructing a quality electrical system takes time and skilled technicians, commodities that the best installation facilities are usually short of. Our products allow our installation partners to build faster while improving the build quality. Schematics, consistent installation practices, circuit identification, and labeled wires speed the installation and diagnostic processes putting new vehicles on the street faster and keeping them out of the shop.

Adaptable Design means there is no need to force a one-size fit all solution into your fleet. Our customers and installation providers can tailor each harness for each specific vehicle and equipment configuration.

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Why Building Blocks?

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With Building Blocks, you can create a standard harness and installation solution without the time and cost of custom development.

When you need a highly tailored solution, you can turn to building blocks to create it without re-engineering the wheel. Every shop, agency, and region has a different way they like their cars built, our building blocks create a uniform standard to make operations repeatable, individual, and manageable, all while meeting the unique needs of the customer.

  • Lightbar Gaskets
  • Circuit Breakers/Master Switch
  • Component Specific Connectors
  • Fuses & Relays
  • Power Ports, USB HUBS
  • Vehicle Install Kits


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